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Dr. Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Seat
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Features of the Dr Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Potty Seat
Boys and Girls enjoy the Dr Merry's system and appreciate the comfort and stability of the Potty Pal Flip Toilet Seat
Dr Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Seat is available in both Standard and Elongated sizes
40 Reward Stickers are included with every Potty Pal Seat, 10 each in four designs

Dr. Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Seat
and Training Method for Boys and Girls

  • Allows dual use of your toilet by adults and children
  • Install once, and it is ready for kids and adults.
  • Reduces children's fear of falling into the toilet
  • Never clean a potty seat again!
  • Great asset for the child already toilet trained
  • Easy as 1-2-3 to install!
  • Child sits safely and comfortably on a regular toilet.
  • Child's seat is hidden inside the lid when not in use.
  • Child's seat opening measures 6.5" x 7"
  • Adult seat is comfortable, no stabbing in the back
  • Allows the full-time, dual use of your regular toilet for both adults and toddlers
  • Available in Standard (16") or Elongated (18") sizes
  • Includes 40 reward Stickers, 10 each in four designs
  • Incorporates the PottyPal method of positive feedback
  • Includes hardware
  • Dr. Merry's PottyPal Step Stool & Foot Rest for easier access, and to support feet for proper body position, making function easier
  • Save with the Bundled PottyPal Flip Potty Seat and Step Stool Combination
  • Ships directly from the manufacturer via UPS Ground to street addresses within the 48 contiguous United States

Welcome to the world of PottyPal, a method of positive reinforcement toilet training - a safer, cleaner and more convenient toilet for your child.

Dr Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Seat uses a hidden-in-the-lid, child-sized toilet seat and a fun reward system. The Flip Toilet Potty Seat can easily be raised and lowered by your child.   You will appreciate the hidden nature of the child seat -- and that there is no guard to stab you in the back! But don't worry - the straight front of the child's seat acts to replace the traditional guards!

Dr Merry's PottyPal Flip Toilet Seat was developed and extensively tested by a family physician. Made of the same high-grade polypropylene used by leading toilet manufacturers, the PottyPal consists of three pieces that install in place of your existing toilet set. A child size toilet seat flips up and fits flush into the attached lid to reveal an adult-sized seat, and is completely hidden when the toilet lid is closed.

The PottyPal Flip Toilet Potty Seat is ideal for initial training, can remain installed until your child is large enough to fit comfortably on an adult seat, and will help reduce your child's fear of "falling" into the toilet. When you no longer need the child's seat, you can simply remove it to have a traditional toilet seat.

Includes hardware, a comprehensive training booklet for parents and "incentive" stickers for your child. Ships directly from the manufacturer via UPS Ground to street addresses within the 48 contiguous United States

Also see the Dr. Merry's PottyPal Step Stool & Foot Rest or Save with the Bundled PottyPal Flip Seat and Foot Stool Combination

The Dr. Merry's PottyPal is available in two sizes, Standard and Elongated.

To determine if your toilet is standard or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes (which connects the seat to the bowl) to the front rim of the toilet. In the United States the distance between the bolt holes is 5 ½". The PottyPal seats are made to fit these bolt holes.

If the distance from the center of the bolt hole to the center front of the bowl is
approximately 16 ½", your toilet is Standard.

If the distance from the center of the bolt hole to the center front of the bowl is
approximately 18 ½", your toilet is Elongated.

The most common residential toilet bowl used to be round, but the trend today is leans to elongated bowls. That said, several of the environmentally conscious models that use less water to flush are round. Most commercial bowls are elongated.

Round bowls take up less space and are easier to clean around, but men tend to prefer elongated bowls because of this extra space in front. An elongated bowl is approximatly two inches longer than a round bowl. This results in a larger target area and less drip on the bowl, thus improving sanitary conditions.

Helpful Toilet Training Tips from Dr. Merry

The most important decision you make is when to begin toilet training. There is no specific age, but there are several indicators that help guide this decision. The "typical" age is between 20 and 30 months.

The majority of children will do well if you follow the guidelines we give you. The cardinal rule is: Do not start until your child is ready.

A child should meet most of the indicators below before beginning toilet training. If they don't, wait a few months and check again.

Indications that Your Child is Ready to Start T oilet Training
  • Understands the words for having a bowel movement and urinating (go potty, pee and poop, or words of your choice).
  • Shows a desire for being clean and dry, and may even have brought a wet diaper to your attention.
  • Has regular bowel movements and begins to indicate a few seconds ahead of time that they're about to eliminate.
  • Performs some independent functioning - dresses, cleans up, gets food, etc.
  • Can follow simple commands.
  • Has shown an interest in doing things for you.
  • Responds to praise and rewards.
Reasons to Delay Toilet Training
  • Child has been ill.
  • Child is going through a major transition, e.g., day care or new sibling.
  • Child is having trouble reaching other developmental milestones.
What to do if Your Child is Already Potty Trained, or Training

If your child has already completed toilet training, the Potty Pal seat and stool will improve the toileting experience. Simply install the Potty Pal and allow your child to decorate the Pott yPal with their favorite stickers.

Use the reward stickers for flushing, hand washing and even returning the PottyPal to its hidden position.

The Potty Pal allows the safe use of a water-barrier toilet -- decreasing odor, improving sanitation -- and eliminating the fear of falling in and the anxiety associated with it

How to Begin

Have your toddler with you when you install PottyPal - make it fun! Tell him or her that this is their special PottyPal so they can use the toilet like mommy and daddy. Let him or her look at the stickers of the PottyPal characters and then choose their favorite; for example, PottySaurus. Place the character sticker on the PottyPal seat. Let your child place their first PottyPal reward sticker near the character sticker. Tell them that the reward sticker was for helping install PottyPal.

Wait a day and then bring your child into the bathroom and sit him or her on the PottyPal to perform a simple task, such as removing shoes or washing feet. Then play a game like "This little piggy..." Let him or her get accustomed to sitting on the PottyPal seat. Mention that this is where they will go when they need to urinate (go pee) or have a bowel movement (go poop). After a session, give him or her the next reward sticker.

Take turns with your child when using the toilet. Let him or her watch you, and then explain that everyone uses the toilet. Avoid putting pressure on your child. Make it fun!

The First Steps
  • Obtain a safe stepstool or footrest. For your child to be able to have a proper bowel movement, it is essential that his or her feet be supported. We offer a proper-height stepstool that has the PottyPal characters on it. See "Order."
  • Choose a day when your child can spend a significant time without diaper or underpants. This allows your child to learn about bodily wastes, their origin and the sensation of wanting to control them. Accidents will happen, but be positive. Let your child know that it was an accident and that the toilet with the PottyPal is where they should go when they feel the need to eliminate.
  • Next, put your child into plain cotton underwear or training pants - have about 12 on hand. You can use a plastic outer liner for protection. Wet or soiled underwear (or training pants) gives a clear and uncomfortable signal to your child since underwear is not as absorbent as diapers.
  • When your child has (or tells you that they have) wet or soiled underwear, take him or her to the PottyPal and have the child sit on it while you get clean underwear. Tell your child that the toilet is where we all go to urinate or to have a bowel movement. Have your child flush the toilet and wash their hands. Then give them a reward sticker.
  • Take notice of the time of day that your child has been soiling or wetting (after meals, in the morning). Then routinely take him or her into the bathroom at that approximate time to sit on the PottyPal. Encourage him or her to eliminate in the toilet and play a game or read a story. If your child eliminates in the toilet while sitting on the PottyPal, give him or her a reward sticker to put on the PottyPal. Be sure to praise your child warmly. If your child has not eliminated after about ten minutes, have him or her pull up their training pants, flush the toilet, wash their hands and go out to play.
  • Continue to use the training pants and continue regular rewards. When your child uses all ten of the reward stickers, give him or her a special treat, such as the PottyPal toy that matches the character they chose. Now let your child pick a new character to work with. Place this new sticker under the lid and repeat the process.
  • Keep encouraging your child. Play with the PottyPal characters. Put the stickers on the PottyPal seat. Make it fun and positive. There will be setbacks due to stresses, but continue the reward program. Minimize anxiety and promote rapid learning. Do not punish your child for accidents. Do not pressure your child with words like "need to," "should" or "must."
  • It won't be long until your child is successfully toilet trained.


Coming Soon!

After years of seeing problems with children's toilet-training methods and the available toilet training products, and experiencing this time with his own children, Dr. Thom Merry invented PottyPal. PottyPal is more than a safe and convenient toilet seat - it is a positive reinforcement toilet-training method, a method that is proven - and fun!

Dr. Merry is a board-certified family physician. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and currently practices medicine in Nevada. He was the first Naval flight surgeon selected to TOP GUN and continues to serve in the U.S. Naval Reserves. Dr. Merry is also an educator and author.

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