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TP Saver 2-Pack

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TP Saver keeps children, pets and the motion of boats or RVs from unrilling too much toilet paper
TP Saver holds toilet paper on the roll until you are ready to use it
TP Saver is a one simple piece wonder that are easy to use
TP Saver 2-pack
TP Saver is easy to use

TP Saver
Baby Proof Your Toilet Paper
Also Popular for Pets, Boats and RVs

  • Prevents your child or pet from unrolling toilet paper
  • Customers tell us they work very well on boats
  • Allows easy access when, um, appropriate
  • Reduces the risk of paper ingestion
  • Saves paper, money, the environment
  • Reduces stress
  • No assembly required
  • Simple to use
  • No need to remove paper for insertion
  • Fits most standard toilet paper holders
  • Available in 2-Packs

The TP Saver prevents unrolling of toilet paper by babies, toddlers and kids. While the unrolling can make a mess, flushing all that was unrolled can be a disaster!.

Our customers report using the TP Saver on their boats, in their RVs and to save toilet paper from their pets.

The TP Saver is perfect for toilet training, giving you control over the paper or allowing metered use.

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