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Shoe Clues has three sets of decals that teach children right from left, and which shoe to put on which foot
Shoe Clues show children how to put the right shoe on the right foot

Shoe Clues
Teach Kids to Put the Right Shoe on the Right Foot

  • Strong adhesive to keep sticker securely in the heel of the shoe -- lasts longer than the shoes fit!
  • Durable images that do look fresh even after hundreds of uses
  • Color and Letter coded
  • Green dot and "L" for left shoe
  • Red dot and "R" for right shoe
  • Animals look at each other when positioned correctly
  • Reinforce "left" and "right"
  • Helps children be self-sufficient
  • Builds confidence
  • Helps identify your child's shoes

When your child comes to you proudly saying, "Look, I put my shoes on myself!" it is no fun for anyone to see that the shoes are on the wrong feet!

Shoe Clues changes that!  Shoe Clues are fun, durable stickers that teach kids to put the right shoe on the right foot!

Shoe Clues is a fun tool that helps children put their shoes on successfully, builds confidence and enables kids to be self-sufficient.

Kids love stickers and will eagerly show their friends the fun stickers in their shoes. Shoe Clues also helps children identify their shoes at preschool, daycare and playgroups.

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