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Keep-it-Kleen Silicone Pacifier

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Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers have attached shields that close when you drop the pacifier to keep the nipple clean
Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Penguin Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Airplane
Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Butterfly Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Pink Puppy
Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Kitty Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers are available in Bear
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Silicone Pacifier Closes When Dropped

  • Silicone pacifier for ages 0-36 months
  • Shields close when dropped to keep nipple clean
  • Shields replace pacifier covers
  • No more lost pacifier covers
  • Gentle to baby's face
  • New button design in styles from modern to cute and friendly animals
  • Don't miss the Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier Holder with a silicone ring that fits over the padicier's know and a safety clip to attach to baby's clothes

Keep-it-Kleen silicone pacifiers close when dropped so the nipples stay clean! It is true design genius - stylish, comfortable and ultra functional. The closing shields are attached to the pacifier, so you have no more lost pacifier covers.

The pacifier has contoured shield design for maximum comfort; it flexes and shapes to fits baby's mouth perfectly. It has ventilation holes which allow air circulations to help prevent irritation to baby's delicate skin.

The Keep-it-Kleen pacifier has a soft, vented orthodontic silicone nipple. It adapts perfectly and easily to baby's natural sucking action and won't damage baby's developing mouth.

The Keep-it-Kleen pacifier can not close while the baby is using it. When the baby takes it out of their mouth it will close since it is very sensitive to motion. The pacifier will not pinch baby, either. The contoured shields are soft and do not apply pressure. If you place your fingers in between the shields, you will feel that there is no force.

Hello my name is Tamika, and I am a first time mom who has been hooked on your products since I bought my baby girl her first pacifier. and I was wondering if you have a catalog to send out to me so I can see what other products you have. Thank you.
Tamika T

I just wanted to say Thank You! This is the best Passi I have ever used on my daughter. I love the drop and close feature and not to mention how cute they are. My daughter thinks they are the best ever as well. I love them so much I bought 10 of them for my daughter.

Thank you so much for coming out with this product. My son loves his pacifier. I would like to know where I can find more because the jewel i originally bought from never has anymore. We live in Cedar Lake Indiana. Thank you

My name is Gayle and I bought a few of your Keep -it-Kleen pacifiers at a Mother and Baby Exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland earlier this year, and have since regretted not buying the entire stock that was available on the day!! Having been seen around town with my daughter and her new pacifiers I have had numerous enquiries as to where I obtained it from. Needless to say no one has been able to obtain any. I am therefore enquiring how I can order a fairly large and varied quantity of these brilliant pacifiers so that I can fill the obvious gap in the market in this area Many thanks
Gayle C

Recently, my 7 1/2 week old son had to go to the hospital. He is doing just fine now, but while he was there, we were very grateful for your Keep-it-Kleen pacifier. It was so soothing for him during the hours that he was not allowed to eat and I felt good knowing that whenever he spit it out or dropped it from his mouth, it would remain clean (especially after all the scary news reports regarding staph infections running rampant in hospitals).
All of the doctors and nurses in the pediatric intensive care unit (and later on the pediatric floor) were also impressed with your product. No one had ever seen one before, so I demonstrated of how it closes to several people. Everyone in the hospital was so nice and loving and gave such great care to my son that I was wondering how much it would cost to order a case of pacifiers to send to the hospital as a "thank you" that they could give to little patients that might need comforting too. Thank you for a wonderful product.

RaZbaby was started in 1999 by two sisters, Lidia and Aida Viana. Shortly after the birth of Aida's second child, the sisters were talking over lunch about ways to sooth her son's teething discomfort. The teethers available in the marketplace were to large and none of them were hands free. Along came a raspberry with dessert, and they both liked the bumpy texture of the fruit for a teether. From this lunchtime discussion, RaZbaby Innovative Baby Products was born.

The project was launched with the company's namesake product - RazBerry Teether. The first hands free raspberry shaped teether that soothes the sensitive gums of newborns and infants. The RaZBerry Teether is made of high quality medical grade silicone. While developing the RaZBerry Teether, the sisters were brainstorming on how to improve a traditional pacifier. The Keep-it-Kleen pacifier was introduced in 2003.

Pacifier Holder for Keep-It-Kleen Pacifiers

No more lost pacifiers!  The Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier Holder works with "knob" padiciers, including the Keep-it-Kleen and Mam pacifiers.
  • Use with Keep-it-Kleen and other "knob" pacifiers
  • No more lost pacifiers!
  • Press the silicone ring over the knob of the pacifier
  • Attach the safety clip to baby's clothing
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Ribbon measures 6.25"

No more lost pacifiers!

The Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier Holder works with "knob" padiciers, including the Keep-it-Kleen and Mam pacifiers.

SImply fit the silicone ring over the know and attach to baby's clothes using the safety clip.

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