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Lil' Dresser

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Lil' Dressers encourage life skills, teach pre-reading and pre-math skills and result in more of those "I did it Myself!" moments.  And they help you keep your child's things organized.
Lil' Dresser Drawer Labels for Boys includes 18 labels to color and customize for his bedroom
Samples of the 18 drawer labels in the Lil' Dresser set for Boys
Lil' Dresser Drawer Labels for Girls includes 18 labels to color and customize for her bedroom
Samples of the 18 drawer labels in the Lil' Dresser set for Girls

Lil' Dressers
ReUsable, Customizable Drawer Labels for Kids

  • 18 drawer labels identify the clothing in your child's dresser
  • Helps your child find and put away his or her own clothes
  • Teaches independence and pre-reading skills
  • Can be colored with crayons or markers
  • Remove, reposition and reuse
  • Labels measure 3 5/8" square
  • Safe Environmentally friendly Water-based ink, adhesive and paper
  • Made in the USA

Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids are reusable labels that identify clothing stored in dresser drawers. Now your little dresser can find the right clothes and even help to put them away!

Your child can color the labels prior to placement, and once on the drawers, the labels help pre-readers with letter and word recognition as well as with pre-math skills llike sorting and grouping.

Each label can be removed, repositioned and reused without surface damage or residue.

Lil' Dressers help encourage good habits and teach life skills to your little one, including self-care, responsibility, pre-reading and pre-math ... creating those "I did it!" moments every day!


Contents of the Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids

Girl's Package
Boy's Package

Shirt (short sleeved)
Shirt (long sleeved)
Pajamas (summer)
Bathing suit
4 Blank labels
(create your own!) 

Shirt (short sleeved)
Shirt (long sleeved)
Pajamas (summer)
Pajamas (winter)
Long underwear
Underwear (2 types)
4 Blank labels
(create your own!)
Coming Soon

For 10 years after graduating from Virginia Tech, Jill Shank held various positions in sales and corporate training - each requiring her to have structure and be on top of her everyday activities.

In 1998 Jill decided to take on the position of Mom - you know, to enjoy that "relaxed lifestyle" of the stay-at-home mother. Needless to say, she was surprised by the organizational challenges of maintaining a home, raising children and managing the activities of five people. She was soon ending many days overwhelmed and discouraged. There had to be a better way.

Jill found there was help, and hope, for her and other moms like her, so she founded Mostly Organized Moms (MOMs) and began creating solutions for today's hectic households. Offering innovative organizational products, her goal is to help moms be mostly organized... and that's just perfect!

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