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OPair connecting fanny packs offers toddlers and yound children independence and parents security.  Hands-free connecting fanny packs with retractable connection keeps kids close.
O'Pair is the perfect solution for market days, airports, malls and any other busy place.  We have heard back from scores of families who said that the O'Pair saved their Disney Vacations!
The O'Pair adult fanny pack will hold a wallet, diapers, keys or other small items.  The child's fanny pack will hold snacks or small toys.
The retruactable lead is contained in the adult fanny pack and can be connected to the chlds.  The lead is retractable, preventing loose cords that can be tripped on
The O'Pair is available in Tiger, Dino or Bunny with one black nylon adult fanny pack

Child's Plush and Adult's Sleek Fanny Packs Connect for Safety

  • Hands-free operation and waist-to-waist connection
  • No overt leash or harness on child
  • Connectable fanny packs for safety in public places
  • Child pack comes in adorable plush characters with space to hold snack or small toy
  • Parent pack is black with a 5 foot retractable line and multiple pockets to hold wallet, keys and other small personal items.
  • Packs can be attached together with the retractable line or worn independently
  • Recommended age range for children 18 months to 4 years, or under 70lbs
  • Adult pack belt size adjusts to fit waist sizes 37"- 51"
  • Child pack belt size adjusts to fit waist sizes 19"- 31"

O'PairT is fun with strings attached.

Finally, a more socially acceptable and safe alternative to the child leash or harness. O'Pair now comes in the styles parents have been asking for: a plush fanny pack for the child and a black nylon pouch with multiple pockets for the parent.

O'Pair offers children a fun fanny pack and parents peace of mind. With its hands-free operation and waist-to-waist connection, parents can rely on the five-foot retractable line to keep children nearby.

The principle behind O'Pair is simple. Children enjoy wearing the lovable, plush packs (whether or not they are attached to their parents). For parents, O'Pair offers security and a space to hold a wallet, keys and even a small camera.

Both packs can be worn connected together or independently. The recommended age range is for children ages 18 months to 4 years (children under 70 lbs). The adjustable packs strap around the waist and offer all-day comfort.

The belt size on the adult fanny pack fits waist sizes 37 to 51 inches and the belt on the child's fanny pack fits waist sizes 19-30 inches.

Although many parents of twins have asked, the O'Pair only comes in pairs of one child pack with one adult pack. It is not possible to connect two children's packs to one adult pack because the retractable, connecting lead is part of the adult pack.

"Just came back from Disney. I bought the O'PairT before going. WE LOVED IT. Everybody was asking me where I got it. We had a stress free 2 1/2 year old. It was also helpful in the airports. Thanks for such a wonderful product."

"Your product is amazing."

"I just went out to the site and ordered Simon the Frog. I'm very excited since it's the only one out there that will make people smile. For whatever reason, some people get angry if you leash a child. Obviously, they don't understand."

"Just the other day I saw a woman in the grocery store. She had an infant in the shopping cart and a two year old. While at the checkout register, the 2 year old ran off, out of the store, into the parking lot, right in front of a sport utility truck! The truck stopped. The woman ran out of the store screaming, leaving her infant behind in the shopping cart, unattended! What choice did she have? I thought... O'Pair."

O'Pair "takes the principle at work in child "leashes" - which serve a function but are often hated by parent, child and society - makes them fun for the child and more socially acceptable to use." - Montgomery Gazette

"My daughter loves wearing O'Pair, and I love the added security of O'Pair when we're in a crowd." Mindy Maggid, MD, Pediatrician

O'Pair has been designed, patented and sold by the owner, a mom of toddlers. Ideas for O'Pair took shape after speaking to many parents of toddlers who wanted to stay connected in crowded areas but were unhappy with the child leashes available.

O'PairT is the winner of the University of Michigan's "Best New Product" award, seen on The View and in many more reputable venues over the past few years.

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