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The Original Car Seat Cozy

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The Original Car Seat Cozy attaches to your car seat or stroller, bike seat or just about any seat, with included Velcro to keep baby warm and comfy.  Your blanket will not fall off the seat or drag on the ground.
The Original Car Seat Cozy is available in three fun prints made of Polartec 20 Fleece:  Beep Beep, Blast Off or Blue Zoo

The Original Car Seat Cozy!
We " Cut the Corners " Right Off to Make you a
Soft, Warm, SAFE, Fast & Easy Attachable Blanket

  • Safer for kids because it goes over the safety straps, not under them!
  • More comfortable than buntings, snow suits or other bundling kids wear!
  • Faster and easier to use than a blanket, and Stays where you put it
  • Covers shoulders to feet; stays off car floor, ground & stroller wheels!
  • No "yuck" from shoes or boots is collected, as in bag and sack designs
  • Remove sleeping child from seat without waking them
  • Works on car seats, joggers, strollers, bike seats , carriers and sleds!
  • "Grows" with your child, fitting Newborns to 40lb + toddlers!
  • Drop top for an attached lap blanket!
  • Can be left in place or moved from seat to seat!
  • Malden Mills famous 200 weight fleece
  • Machine wash and dry, and they never pill!
  • Includes adhesive Velcro sets for quick, easy set-up on your seats!

NHTSA , Safe Kids and other safety experts recommend against children wearing bunting,  coats or other bulky clothing under the safety straps on their seats.  The Original Car Seat Cozy makes it possible to be safe and comfortable!

You can attach this blanket to your child's seat.  Or don't.  It will still beat any regular, rectangular blanket hands down!

We cut the lower corners off to keep the blanket from falling or dragging, and scooped out the top, leaving longer sides that cover shoulders without choking or letting drafts in.

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